*:..Established in Houston, Texas on  JuneTenth (June 19th) , BeFore it was DECLARED a Federal Holiday; 2020..:*

Welcome to FREE TREEz

Your gateway to the world of music

We are a Record Label that markets, promotes, and publishes music with the option to integrate MetaVerse NFT video/media content. Vist the CEO's Instagram to get a more complete feel of our content @ instagram.com/ggucci_valentino or instagram.com/freetreez.ent..

"Fuck That" by: I Am Precise Prestige

Out Now Stream On Apple, Spotify, ect.


Raw Rap

Silent HeLL

Talented Artists

We work with a talented pool of artists who bring innovation and creativity to their music.

Extensive Catalog

Our extensive catalog includes a wide variety of genres, ensuring there's something for every music lover.

Professional Production

We have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure top-notch production quality for every release.


A leading record label in the music industry

FREE TREEz is a premier record label that specializes in marketing, promoting, and publishing music. With a diverse range of artists and a strong passion for quality music, we strive to bring the best entertainment to our audience.

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